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Asia- Oceania seminar on Pallottine Youth Ministry

Asia- Oceania seminar on Pallottine youth ministry was held in the beautiful campus of Prabodhana in Mysore from November 06 to 09, 2012. 57 Youth co-coordinators from all over Asia were present for the meeting. The meeting had the following objectives:

  1. Develop a Pallottine profile of youth ministry in Asia-Oceania.
  2. Pastoral planning for effective youth ministry.
  3. Future activities for the youth in continental level.

The day began with the holy Eucharist, presided over by Rev. Fr. Martine Manus the General Consultor, invoking the blessings of Almighty on the organizers as well as the participants. The official inauguration of the seminar took place at 9.00 am. Rev. Fr. George Madiekkal, one of the coordinators anchored the inaugural ceremony. Rev. Fr. Paul Chandrankunnel, the Rector of Prabodhana, accorded a cordial welcome, thanking the organizers for the honor of hoisting the seminar at Prabodhana. Fr. Martine Manus, the chief guest of the day, gave the inaugural address calling for a new fervor in our youth ministry and he expressed his desire for a beginning of a closer collaboration between provinces and a platform to develop a common profile of youth ministry. He also recalled the efforts of the former General Council in promoting the youth ministry in all our entities.

The resource person of the first day was Fr. James Thomas. He emphasized on Pallotti's charism and his apostolate among the youth and how we have to follow his footprints. Pallotti was a role model for the youth and His charism has to be updated according to the changes of the times and signs. He conducted a group discussion on the needs of the youth.

The resource person of the 2nd day was Fr. Arogya Raj, SDB. He gave some inputs on how to prepare seminars on various topics for the youth. It was an interactive session. He said that the youth ministry should be more on practical level than on theoretical level. All the three groups were asked to present the respective topics they were given for discussion. First group led by Fr. John Pereria presented on the theme 'Respect'. The second group led by Fr. Balashowry presented on the theme 'Family background'. The third group led by Fr. Johny presented on the theme 'Hygiene and dressing'.

The 3rd day began with the presentation of world youth day by Fr. Martine Manus and it was followed by thought provoking session by Fr. George on the misuse of media and mobile phones by youth. Fr. Henry angel shared his knowledge on concretization of the vision of Pallotti.

The youth coordinators presented youth ministry in their respective locality. Prabhu Prakash Province was represented by Fr. George and the Christu Jyothi Province was represented by Fr. Rashmikant the international youth coordinator. The Center of attraction in the seminar was that two youth were called to share their experience of being brought up in Christian youth groups. Mr. Eldo Abraham alumni of St. Vincent Pallotti College of engineering working in Mysore and Ms. Juby John working in Infosys Mysore shared their experience.

The groups discussed about the action plan for youth ministry in particular locale on the 4th day. They suggested the following:

Assumption Province Setting up youth commission for the province
Making youth groups in the schools and institutions
Training of interested members
Making aware Province members of this program
Celebration of Pallotti feast with the youth
Make effort to spread awareness of Pallotti to people especially youth
Good will and concern for the youth from the Province members
Participants being allowed to go to different places to speak about youth ministry
Providing Coordinators with the basic gadgets
Pallottine youth magazines