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Assumption of The B. V. M Province



Kaliyal, a place known to the Pallottines for the rubber estate to support the Minor Seminary at Madurai, the legal complications which we battled out successfully and the picnic spots and lovely nature, is putting on a new facelift.

Presence of Catholics is strong. There are good number of parishes to meet their pastoral needs and for the regular liturgical services. Good number of them are involved in rubber industry, most of them into rubber tapping. There are good number of active laity in this area. But there had been a need for a centre for seminars, social awareness programmes and special training programmes in community building both spiritual and secular. People had been travelling for 40 kms to the Bishop’s House for attending such a programme.

People and the religious in the vicinity have been approaching the Pallottine community to lend out the house and place for conducting seminars and community building programmes. The priests had been rendering all the help in whatever ways possible specially by way of conducting seminars for the women and children besides giving the place. The need for the place is on the increase. Besides this the fathers also started conducting novenas and retreats on Divine Mercy which is picking up well. And the centre could be used for NGO training programmes.

Realizing the growing need for a centre, we approached our pioneer Province (South German Pallottine Province) and they have contributed substantially towards this project. We are grateful to them. Besides, the income from the estate is also used for the same cause. Fr. Sathyanesan SAC., is executing this project under the supervision of the Provincial Council. Let us pray for the success in this new venture.

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