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Assumption of The B. V. M Province


The X Consultative Congress of the Major Superiors of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (18/10/2012)

The main celebrant of the Eucharistic celebration today, 18th October 2012, on the feast of St. Luke, was Fr. Ruben Fuhr, Regional Rector of the Argentinean Region of our Lady of Lujan. Referring to the Gospel passage of the day, Fr. Ruben mentioned among other things in his homily that, "The departure without baggage and farewells indicates above all the sense of urgency of the mission: the proclamation of the Gospel does not admit delays, the coming of the Kingdom of God is something that commits man in such a way that all other occupations or worries take second place".

The rest of the day was dedicated to the main theme of the Congress. Fr. Adrian Galbas, Provincial Rector of the Annunciation of the Lord Province presented an excellent exposition of the main theme under the title: "On the way to revive faith and rekindle charity: Apostles of Jesus in a changing world. 'You in your turn must strengthen your brothers' (Lk 22:32).

Fr. Adrian insisted that the first thing that we should do was to answer the question, "What happened with the Document from Ariccia (Post-Assembly Document of the XX General Assembly SAC, Ariccia, September 20th-October 15th 2010) in our communities?"

Then he explored the changes that are taking place in the world in which we live. He said that our task was that of sanctifying the world and not of condemning it, which meant that everything that was negative and difficult in this world was to be a challenge for us and not a reason to escape. As Pallottines we are obliged to intensify our efforts both to revive faith and to evangelise more zealously. The Holy Spirit is calling us to this, both as sons of Saint Vincent Pallotti and as sons of the Universal Church. Our response to this call will determine whether we are "to be or not to be" truly Pallottines.

The whole purpose of the Congress, as the Rector General wrote in his letter of convocation, is to find ways and means to bring about a spiritual renewal of members and communities. Fr. Adrian proposed some of the ways to achieve such a goal: personal conversion, spiritual life in 3D (decision, discipline and determination), the ability and courage to speak about difficult matters, being a superior with the charism of a father, an educator, a prophet and a missionary. Three requirements for an effective Pallottine apostolate are courage, competence and cooperation. Finally, Fr. Adrian emphasised new evangelisation as the special call for Pallottines today. The first thing in the process of new evangelisation is not action but a change of mentality. The mentality of a priest must be replaced with the mentality of an evangeliser who focuses on bringing the lost sheep to the fold. Witness of life and dialogue are also necessary for new evangelisation. As Pallottines, our lives and apostolic activities should be permeated by the spirit of new evangelisation.

The sessions in the afternoon were dedicated to group work and discussion in the plenum. It was decided to insert the entire conference of Fr. Adrian into the Post-Congress document with necessary modifications. It was also pointed out that each entity should make sure that these documents reach the individual members and that their content be reflected upon and put into practice. All agreed that what is most important in the final analysis is to live the essentials of Christian and Pallottine life in our personal lives as well as in our communities.