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Assumption of The B. V. M Province


The X Consultative Congress of the Major Superiors of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (22/10/2012)

Today, 22nd October 2012, the last day of the Congress, was dedicated to concrete proposals based on the deliberations of the last six days. The Vicar General, Fr. Adam Golec introduced the topic and invited the participants to come forward with their reflections and proposals. Some of the proposals made during the plenum after the group discussion were related to the formation of formators, responsible and transparent financial administration by all of the entities and members, and the role of Pallottine parishes in supporting our seminarians. In the afternoon session, the Union of Catholic Apostolate was once again taken up for consideration. It was pointed out that the members of the Core Communities have a special responsibility in promoting the charism of our Founder, together with all other members of the Union. The importance of good formation and a strong missionary commitment on the part of all members of the Union was underlined. Above all, it was emphasised that our charism should be offered as a response to the challenge of New Evangelization.

This was followed by an evaluation of the Congress as a whole. Fr. Markus Reck, the General Secretary, invited all of the participants to express their observations either verbally or in written form. The members expressed great happiness with the entire Congress, its content, dynamics and outcomes. All were also very appreciative of the great hospitality and care shown by Mother of Divine Love Province, its Provincial Rector, Fr. Derry Murphy, its Local Rector in Thurles, Fr. Emmet O'Hara and all the members and staff of this community.

The Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, thanked one by one all who were involved in this Congress. He expressed his satisfaction with the fraternal atmosphere which marked these days and the positive results that we were able to obtain especially with respect to the Pallottine presence in Africa. He mentioned the growing sense of 'Pallottinne-ness' and universalism among our entities and members. The spirit of collaboration is ever on the increase in our Society. All of the entities have been challenged to look for signs of new life and all are responding very well to these challenges. With these words, he officially closed the Congress.

The concluding Eucharistic celebration was presided over by the Rector General, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, accompanied by the Vice General, Fr. Adam Golec and the Provincial Rector of Santa Maria Province, Fr. Lino Baggio. The memory of Blessed John Paul II was celebrated and the Rector General reminded the participants of the commitment of this great Pope to the renewal of the Church.

One sad event that took place on the last day was the sudden death today of our confrere, Fr. Claudio Walmir Rossini, a member of the Santa Maria Province in Manaus, Brazil. Fr. Claudio was just 48 years old. During Mass on the occasion of the First Holy Communion of children, having completed the homily, he suffered a massive heart attack and passed away within minutes. Without doubt, such a sudden loss of a zealous confrere is sad news. However, God's ways are different than our ways and we commended his soul to Him. R.I.P.

All of the participants are leaving Thurles one by one. Some are leaving already at 3.30am for Dublin to catch flights early tomorrow morning.

With this news item, we conclude this daily communication from Thurles which, in fact, were compiled each day by the Rector General himself, Fr. Jacob Nampudakam. After the intensive work of the day, he wrote these reports, forwarding them to Rome by midnight. Mr Joaquim Salvador then translated them into Italian early the following morning and sent it out to all of the Provinces and Regions. The photographs were forwarded daily by Fr. Vitaliy Gorbatykh.

I thank the Provinces and Regions who published the daily report and photos of the Congress on their websites. It was a small initiative, but something very important in creating a sense of communion among entities and members of our Society and the entire Union. I too am on the way to Dublin airport at 3.30am tonight and so had better try to get a few hours of sleep before the journey. More information on this Congress will be made available to you when the Post Congress document is published. God bless you all and let us continue to work together to spread the Good News of Jesus, always united in the spirit of our Founder, St. Vincent Pallotti.