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Trust in God And God will be Sufficient for you.
St. Vincent Pallotti

In every age, God has been generous in giving special gifts of the Holy Spirit to certain men and women, in order to continue the mission of Christ for the salvation of all and to promote the growth of the church. During the first half of the 19th century, St. Vincent Pallotti was among those whom God has enriched with his gifts and inspiration. St. Vincent Pallotti was born in 1795, during the time of political and ecclesiastical crisis. He felt the need to revive the faith of Christians and re-enkindle the spirit of charity and to bring all people actively into the mission of the church. He called people of all walks of life to the life of a 'participatory Church.' He founded the Society of the Catholic Apostolate for this purpose. With his inspiration and model, the Pallottines are working all over the world today and in India too. We are proud of being part of that family.

Today we celebrate the Pallottine Reach-Out (Mission) Sunday to remind us of our call to be missionaries ourselves, to support the missionaries and the missions in our own possible way and in a very special way to pray for all those people who are actively involved in the missionary activity that they may be guided by God in the face of problem and difficulties and to pray for more vocations to the Pallottine family. Let us, with one heart and mind pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more labourers into his harvest. May the Lord bless the missions of Pallottines in India and abroad and all the missionaries working there.

Father in heaven, You have granted us St. Vincent Pallotti as the model of apostolate. As we, your children, gather together to celebrate this mission Sunday, strengthen us by your word and sacraments so that we work towards the spreading of your Gospel to the whole world. We ask this through Jesus Christ, your son, our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.


A reading from the Book of Prophet Isaiah 6: 1-8
(The call of Prophet Isaiah)
Response: Let the peoples praise you, O Lord Let all the peoples praise you.

A reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Eph. 4: l- 16
(There is but one body and one spirit)
Or wherever it is possible to take a reading from the Letters of St. Vincent Pallotti, you may choose one from those
suggested in the Pallottine Prayer Book.

Alleluia, Alleluia
The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest, Alleluia.

A reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke. 10:1-12
(Mission Of seventy)

PRAYER OF THE FAITHFUL : Cel : Let us pray to God the Father, who wants all to be missionaries that we may be filled by his spirit to actively get involved in the mission of his son, through the Church:

Res: Through the intercession of St. Vincent Pallotti, Lord hear our prayer!

  1. For the Holy Father, our Bishop, all the bishops, clergy, religious and catechists that their only ambition in life may be to lead the people entrusted to their care to Christ and that they be filled with his spirit and zeal to work more actively for the spread of Good News.
  2. For this Christian community of ours, that we may be eager to know our faith better and communicate it to all around us...
  3. For all the missionaries of the world that they may be filled with courage and strength to work zealously for the people of God.
  4. For the Pallottine missionaries of the world, and for those Indian Pallottines in particular, that they may be guided by God in their mission and be faithful to their mission and that they may be supported in every possible way.
  5. For all men that they may accept Christ in whatever form he chooses to manifest himself to them, and for all those people who are in need of our prayers that the good Lord bless them with all the help needed.

Cel : Father, we thank you for hearing our prayers. Grant us the grace to be faithful to our call and generosity to share what we have with those in need, especially to support the missions. Send more labourers to your harvest. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and your Son. Amen.

Lord, look upon the face of Christ your Son who gave up his life to set all men free. Through him may your name be praised among all peoples from East to West, and everywhere may one sacrifice be offered to give you glory. We ask this through Christ our Lord

As in the Missal for the universal Mission Sunday.

Father, Your family has shared in the Eucharistic feast that makes us one; Make us fitting instruments to carry the light of faith in your son. Bless all the missionaries, specially the Pallottine missionaries in India that they may work zealously, with faith and courage in spite of the dangers and problems that await them. Grant us generous hearts that we may support the missions in our possible way. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.