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Dear confreres

Greetings and best wishes from Assumption House, Bangalore!
General Secretariat for the Mission has directed all the provinces of our society to celebrate one Sunday in all the parishes, institutions and formation Houses as "Pallottine Mission Sunday" in the year 2006. It was also proposed that the celebration to be a Sunday before the Lent Session begins.

The efforts made by the Mission Secretariat to materialize the celebration of the Pallottine Mission Sunday in the past have been met with regrets.

However, General Secretariat for the Mission in Rome demands a report every year about how we have celebrated the Pallottine Mission Sunday. They want this celebration all over the Pallottine world and trying to make it as a Pallottine heritage. This year too our Mission secretariat has prepared necessary documents and the liturgy for the forth coming Pallottine Mission Sunday which would be celebrated in all our Parishes/Stations /and Communities on 14th February 2010.

To make things easy for the Parish Priests the liturgy of the day is translate into different languages spoken in our parishes and is send to all the stations.
The purpose of this Sunday is:

  1. To create mission consciousness in the people of our parishes and seminarians.
  2. To make the presence of the Pallottines felt in a profound way.
  3. To promote more vocations in the society.
  4. To encourage people to help us in the mission in the form of prayers or to foster prayer Ministry in people in support of Pallottine endeavours.
  5. To encourage more benefactors for our Society.
  6. To encourage people financially towards the mission and the formation of the students to priesthood.

The Provincial council in its meeting held at Palakol in August 2009 decided to urge the members to take this matter seriously and celebrate the Pallottine Mission Sunday in all our houses and parishes and a special collection be made on this day and sent to Mission secretariat to support our mission activities. Let us make all the efforts to make this Pallottine Mission Sunday celebration as our own legacy.

With sincere wishes and prayers for each of you, I remain,

Fraternally yours in St. Vincent Pallotti,

Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan, SAC