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Report Of Pallottine Youth Leadership Programme

Pallottine Youth Leadership Programme was conducted for the youth of different parishes of ABVM Province from 17th to 19th November 2012 in Pallotti Home, Chicalim, Vasco, Goa, with 68 participants coming from Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai and Goa. The programme had the following objectives: to create a national network of Pallottine Youth, develop a Pallottine profile of youth ministry at national level, promote a corporate identity of Pallottine youth, plan out common activities on state level and national level.

The first day began with a talk on Youth Leadership by Rev. Fr. Roger Godinho O P, he brought to light how the Church today is in dire need of Leaders who can guide the existing groups present in the church. He gave a clear definition on who is a born leader and who is a made leader so that an individual doesn't grapple with an idea, that one is weak, therefore will not be able to guide groups or become a leader. Later, he spoke of different kinds of leadership which threw light on what type of a leader one can be, authoritarian style, democratic/ participative style or biblical leadership?

The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by The Provincial (ABVM Province) Rev. Fr. CamiloSimoes who shared his thoughts on St. Vincent Pallotti a Holy Youth. God was a necessary element in the life of St. Vincent Pallotti therefore he was able to found the society and able to live a life of holiness.

In the days afternoon session representatives from different parishes gave a presentation of their activities in the parish.

The evening session was taken by Rev. Fr. JojappaChinnabatinni SAC who dealt with Spirituality of St. Vincent Pallotti and Youth, mentioning that Pallotti wanted his followers to be first reservoirs and then channels of God's Love. He also made it specific that one's spirituality must lead one to unite oneself with God.

In the evening we had a cultural programme done by the students of Casa Pallotti, Assagao, Goa.

For the second day we had the Theme: "Youth Ministry": Issues, Challenges and Possible Approaches in Contemporary Times, Rev. Fr. Nelson Lobo (Capuchin) gave his reflections on this topic, he kick started speaking of, why there was no youth ministry in the early years and showed how due to different paradigm there was birth of youth ministry

The three paradigms

  1. Scientific Paradigm (feed them well)
  2. Human Relation Paradigm (treat them well)
  3. Human Resource Paradigm (use them well)

He also made the youth discuss whether they are still going through the stages of such paradigms. He later empowered the youth by saying how Church today wants the youth to be Faithful to radiate Christ and His holiness.

During the Holy Eucharist Rev. Fr. Antony Correia proclaimed St. Vincent a Holy priest and pastor. He spoke of How St. Vincent pallotti was with people and displayed his holiness through his works, he also stressed on the following, "Holiness is doing God's will".

In the evening we went for Goa Darshan, i.e. for cruising in Panjim and later to Old Goa.

The third day we had the theme: PallottineCharism and Youth Ministry, Rev. Fr. Joseph Fernandes SAC, enlightened the youth, that today we are connected to the world, but what we fail is to connect to ourselves and therefore unable to connect to God and in turn not able to proclaim Him either, he in a way united the youth by asking them to get rid of "I" feeling and making them to get into "we" feeling.

Reflection of youth ministry was given by Mr. Arthur de Conceicao, who spoke of the different activities that the youth group conducts so that the Church as well as the society benefits on the long run.

Rev. Fr. Beniz Gomes, the ABVM Province Youth Animator gave a brief sketch of the meeting that was held in Rome and gave the youth the idea about the further meetings to be conducted and the activities that are going to take place for the youth. Some suggestions for bettering the youth website were also collected.

Rev. Fr. Claudy Vas SAC celebrated the Holy Eucharist and ended the programme on a positive note that the youth today is called to make their holiness shine and he said this will be possible only through one's hardwork i.e. one tries to make himself/ herself holy and that holiness is spread through the activities one does.