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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

Parish Ministry


Amravathi Parish belongs to the Diocese of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. On March 31, 1978, Fr, Joseph Neendukunnel, SAC, was assigned to work in the Diocese. He worked at Patibandla Parish and at Infant Jesus Cathedral, Phirangipuram before he came to Amaravathi Parish which Most Rev. Mariadas Kagithapu, the Bishop of Guntur, offered to the Pallottines. It is situated in the midst of anancient Buddhist cultural centre, 33 Kilometres away from Guntur. Today the Parish has 14 substations, 2500 families and a total Catholic population of 6000 people. Parish was officially handed over to the Pallottines on January 25, 1980 and Fr. Joseph Neendukunnel SAC took charge as the first Parish Priest. The new parochial house was blessed on March 31, 1982. It took another few years for the construction of the Church. The new church was blessed on March 25, 1990. On February 20, 1984 a boarding for boys was opened in the Parish. The other Pallottine Priests who worked in this mission are Anthony Gulippili, SAC, Anthonyswamy Muthanna, SAC, Thomas Kurusappan, SAC, Valerian Sabbavarapu, SAC, Deva Varprasad Gangolu, SAC, Rayapa Reddy, SAC Balaswamy Boyalla, SAC. & Fr. Joseph Kiran Madanu, SAC. Fr. Joji Reddy, SAC is the present Parish Priest of Amaravathi.

Gollaprollu Parish was started from Hamsavaram Parish in the Year 1935. In 1954 its head-quarters was shifted to Samarlakota and in 1973 shifted to Prathipadu. After about thirty years, still being under Prathipadu the compound wall and the Church was constructed in the years 1978 and 1980 respectively. St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Gollaprolu, was canonically erected as a Parish on May 14, 2003, by the Decree of Most Rev. K. Mariadas, Archbishop of Visakhapatnam, and was entrusted to the Pallottines. The Decree of Erection states as follows regarding the boundaries of the Parish: “The area of this new Parish of Gollaprolu consists of the revenue Mandals of Gollaprolu, Sankhavaram and part of Todangi west of the National High Way, bifurcating the Parish of the Holy Family, Prathipadu in East Godavari District.” The following are some of the Catholic Villages that constitute the Parish: Gollaprolu, Annavaram, Kathipudi, Bendapudi, Vanneppudi, Sankhavaram, Gidjam and Durgada. Fr. John Bhaskar Madanu, SAC, took charge as the first Pallottine Parish Priest on May 22, 2003. Since then there were a lot of developments in the Parish. The compound wall around the land was constructed. The Parochial House at Gollaprolu was blessed and inaugurated on December 14, 2007. On the same day the Sacred Heart Church, Kathipudi, was blessed and inaugurated. Today the Parish has 446 families and a total Catholic population of 2000 people. The other Pallottines Priests who worked in this Parish are Fr. Rayapa Reddy, SAC and Fr. Kishore Babu Yadala SAC. The present parish priest is Fr. Thomas Kurusappan, SAC

The newly erected parish of Assisi Nagar, Konkepudi, in the Diocese of Vijayawada was offered to the Pallottines ad perpetuum by Most Rev. Joseph Thumma, the Bishop of Vijayawada, in the year 1995.The new Parish was carved out of the Parish at Pedana. Fr. Thomas Kurusappan, SAC, was appointed the first Parish Priest and took charge on June 15, 1995. Konkepudi has 10 substations, 550 families and a total Catholic population about 3,500. The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi run a leprosy rehabilitation centre in the parish and help in the pastoral activities. The Parish has, since then, recorded rapid progress. On May 21,1997 Fr. Thomas Kurusappan, SAC, laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Parish Church at Konkepudi, and it was blessed and inaugurated on August 14th 1998 by Most Rev. Marampudi Joji. A newly constructed boarding, St. Vincent Pallotti Children Home, was blessed by the Provincial Very Rev. Fr. Christudhas, SAC, on February 11, 1997, and the same was renovated in 2006. After blessing the boarding he laid the foundation stone for the parochial house. It was blessed by Most Rev. Marampudi Joji, the Bishop of Vijayawada, on October 06, 1997. Renovations in the Parish Church and Parochial House were carried out in the year 2007. Fr. Valerian Sabbavarapu, SAC is the second Parish Priest of this Parish succeeded by Fr. Kishore Babu Yadala, SAC. Again Fr. Thomas Kuruappan served as the Parish Priest. The Present parish priest is Fr. Rayapa Reddy, SAC.

Mustabada was declared as quasi parish by His Lordship Most Rev. Mallavarpu Prakash, Bishop of Vijayawada on May 17, 2008. Fr. James Banu Bodula was officially appointed as the first Pallottine Priest in charge of this parish. The Parish consists of about 245 families. The parish also has an Elementary School. The parish then did not have a priest’s residence. The Priests were residing at Pallotti Vidyanam, Pallottine Seminary at Nidamanuru, Vijayawada. The other Pallottine priests who worked in this parish are Fr. John Bhaskar Madanu and Fr. Prabhakar Reddy. Fr. John Bhaskar Madanu is the present Parish Priest of this Parish.

Palakol, which belongs to the Diocese of Eluru, was the first mission of the Pallottines in Andhra Pradesh. The Delegature Administration responding positively to the request of Rt. Rev. John Mulagada, then Bishop of Eluru, decided to begin this mission. Bro. Martin Geis, SAC, arrived at Palakol in July 1978. Fr. Thomas Kuttiyanickal, SAC, took charge as the Parish Priest on August 8, 1978. Initially they lived in a rented house. On October 21, 1979 the Parish suffered a great loss when Bro. Martin expired after a brief illness. He was the second Pallottine to die on the Indian soil. He had endeared himself to the people with his zeal for the apostolate and love for the poor. In Bro. Martin Geis, the Society lost a person of simplicity, sincerity, devotion and hard work. His work among the people of the area, his smiling, friendly face and loving service had left a deep impression in the hearts of all those who had come to know him. Bro. Martin’s grave is now found adjacent to the present Parish Church. The construction of the parochial house was completed on May 30, 1981. The Bishop of Eluru blessed the newly constructed Parish Church, dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity, on December 23, 1983. At present the Parish has 20 sub-stations and has a Catholic population about 6,000 people. The Parish celebrated the silver jubilee in the year 2002. Fr. Joseph Neendukunnel, SAC, was the second Parish Priest and he was assisted by Bro. Rajappa Chary, SAC. Some of the other Pallottines who served in this mission as Parish Priests are Frs. Anthonyswamy Muthanna, SAC, Tom Koyickal, SAC, Jose Poovakulathu, SAC, Arogyadas Kottana, SAC, Benedict Monterio, SAC, Valerian Sabbavarapu, SAC, and Fr. Thomas Kurusappan, SAC. Fr. Bhaskar Rao Gangolu is the present Parish Priest.

In 2013, Most Rev. Gali Bali, the Bishop of Guntur entrusted the newly erected mission Parish of Vutukuru together with the villages of Jupudi and Hussain Nagar, to the Pallottine Fathers for pastoral care of over 350 Catholics in the Parish. Fr. Kishore Raju Bezzam, SAC was appointed as the first Pallotine Preist to serve in this Parish.