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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

Parish Ministry


In 2012, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Pallottine presence in the Archdiocese of Goa, the Archbishop of Goa Most Rev. Filipe Nerei Ferrao has offered pallottines a parish at Badem, Anjuna. The name of the Parish is Our Lady of Miracles, and is situated about 4 Km from Casa Pallotti, Assagao. Fr. Siran Rebello, SAC, was appointed as its first Parish Priest.

The original Chapel of St. Francis Xavier was blessed and inaugurated in 1872. There is no further reference to this Chapel in the Year Books of the Archdiocese of Goa until 1907. The foundation stone for a new Chapel was laid on December 03, 1908 and the newly built Chapel was blessed in 1910. In 1971 the Chapel was elevated to the Church and erected as a Parish. In 1974 the Parish House and the Church were completely renovated. In 1997 the Parish was entrusted to the Pallottines and Fr. Theodore D'Cunha, SAC, was appointed as the first Parish Priest and was assisted by Fr. Xavier D'Souza, SAC. On December 27, 1997 the Parish celebrated the Centenary of the Cross at Mormugao. Since the old black cross fell to pieces Fr. Theodore replaced it with another equally huge cross and built an enclosure around it. The other Pallottine Fathers who served in this parish are Fr. William Monis SAC and Fr. Frank Jack Pinto SAC. Fr. Peter Mendes is the present Parish Priest. The Parish has 190 families with a total Catholic population of 1000 people.

St. Joseph Church, Pernem, is the first Parish to be entrusted to the Pallottines in the Archdiocese of Goa and Damen. The original Chapel in Pernem was built in 1852 and erected into a Parish on January 02, 1855. The Church was rebuilt in 1864. The Parish was entrusted to the Pallottines by Most Rev. Raul Gonzales, Patriarch Archbishop of Goa and Damen, in 1996. Fr. Camilo Simoes was appointed as the Parish Priest. The Parish was renovated in 2002. The Parish has 5 substations constituted of 11 Small Christian Communities. The Parish has 250 families with a total Catholic population of 1200 people. The other Pallottine Fathers who served in this Parish are Fr. Socorro Fernandes, SAC and Fr. Nelson Rodrigues, SAC. Fr. Frederico Leao De Souza is the present Parish Priest.

The parish of Our Lady of Assumption, Sarzora in South Goa is situated three kilometres away from Goa - Mangalore highway. Originally the Chapel built at Sarzora in 1848 was part of the Parish of Chinchinim. The Parish was established on October 28, 1973. In the course of time two side wings were added, giving the Church a cruciform structure. Since 1999 the Parish is looked after by the members of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (The Pallottine Fathers and Brothers). Fr. Benedict Monteiro, SAC, was the first Parish Priest (June 1999 - May 2002). Fr. Frederick D'Souza, SAC, was the Parish Priest from 2002 -2006 and Fr. Michael D'Almeida, from 2006-2010. Fr. Reginald Mascarenhas, SAC, is the present Parish Priest who assumed the office of the Parish Priest on June 2010. The Church Bodies are Parish Pastoral Council and Fabrica. The Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels (S.M.A.) assist in the Parish and also run the Assumption Convent High School. The total population of the parish is 3,300 people consisting of nearly 540 families. The parish has 19 Small Christian Communities.

The first chapel in the region was situated at Alorna and it was dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. It was destroyed by a flood in 1922, after which the chaplain transferred his residence to the chapel of St. Sebastian at Tormas. Subsequently, the Parish of St. Sebastian was erected on 20th April, 1970. The Pallottines took over the parish from the Archdiocese in June 1997. Fr. Camilo Simoes, SAC, who was the then parish priest of St. Joseph Church, Pernem was appointed the Parochial Administrator. Frs. Savio Vaz, SAC, Socorro Fernandes, SAC, Jose Gomes, SAC, and Frank Pinto, SAC, stayed in Pernem and took care of the pastoral needs of the parish, under the guidance of Fr. Camilo Simoes, in the subsequent years. In 2003, Fr. Frank Pinto was appointed Parish Priest of Tormas and began staying at the Parochial House in Tormas. There are about 100 families scattered over a vast area of land. There are 6 substations. Masses are celebrated twice a month in each of these stations. In the Parish Church, there is one Mass on Sundays and week days. There is Parish Pastoral Council, Catechists, Youth Group and the Administrative Committee of the parish. There are also Sisters of Charity of St. Anne in the parish since the year 2003. Fr. Frank Pinto was succeded by Fr. Camilo Simoes. Fr. Caetano Crasto, SAC is the present Parochial Administrator.

Daman Mission
In the year 2013, Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao, the Archbishop of Goa and Daman, has offered Pallottines a mission at Silvasa in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Fr Joseph Fernandes has been appointed as the Incharge of this Mission.