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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

Parish Ministry


When Fr. Anton Nenzl, SAC, was appointed Novice Master in 1987, he showed keen interest in pastoral involvement in the Diocese. However, taking over any existing parish was out of question due to the above mentioned language conflict in the diocese. As part of their ministry to the Religious Sisters of Our Lady, Queen of the Missions at Banaswadi, the Fathers from Pallotti Nilaya had begun with the celebration of Sunday Mass in English in the school hall where a good number of English speaking Catholics of the surrounding area also began to attend the service. At this time the idea of beginning a new Parish in Banaswadi was proposed because it was a fast developing residential area. Most Rev. Alphonsus Mathias, the Archbishop of Bangalore, readily agreed to the proposal. The Parish community slowly began to take shape. Being an area already included in the city planning, the task proved nearly impossible. At that time Fr. Philip Ettamparampil, SAC, joined the community of Pallotti Nilaya and was entrusted with the Parish project. His ingenuity soon found solutions to most of the problems. Soon land was purchased and construction of the Church began in 1991. The imposing and artistic architecture proved costly and long to complete. The untiring and dedicated work of Fr. Philip Ettamparambil, SAC, the support extended by Msgr. Werner Francis Hunold, SAC and many other benefactors, brought the project to completion on the eve of the new millennium. The Church was solemnly blessed by Most Rev. Ignatius Pinto, the Archbishop of Bangalore, on December 12, 1999 and inaugurated by Very Rev. Fr. Mathew Panakal, SAC, the Provincial. Already before the completion and blessing of the Church, the parish was formally erected on January 26, 1997 and entrusted to the Pallottines Ad perpetuum. Fr. Philip Ettamparambil, SAC, was appointed the first Parish Priest. Over the years the parish has developed greatly. Today the Parish has 1400 families and a total Catholic population of 6000 people. Sunday Masses are offered in different languages for the benefit of the faithful. Today the Church has become an important landmark in the city of Bangalore. The other Pallottine confreres served in this parish are Fr. Ralph Besterwitch, SAC, and the present Parish Priest is Fr. Claudy Stany Vas, SAC.

Since most of the vocations for the Society from the state of Karnataka, then, were coming from the traditional-Mangalorean families, efforts were made to have a parish in the Diocese of Mangalore so as to facilitate vocation promotion in the surrounding region. With this in mind Fr. Benedict Monterio, SAC, had been working in the Diocese of Mangalore from 1988 helping in different parishes. From June 1992 he stayed in a rented house and helped in the Agrar parish. The unrelenting efforts of Fr. Benedict bore fruit when the Most Rev. Basil D’Souza, the Bishop of Mangalore finally decided to erect a new Parish at Farla, bifurcating the Agrar Parish and entrusted it to the Pallottines. An agreement with the diocese to this effect was finalised. A three acre plot of land was purchased at Farla on February 02, 1993. The newly constructed house was blessed and inaugurated by Most Rev. Basil D’Souza, the Bishop of Mangalore, on January 18, 1994 and was canonically erected on the same day by the decree of the Bishop. The foundation stone for a Church was blessed by the Bishop of Mangalore on October 7, 1994. The formal decree of erection of the parish came to effect on December 8, 1994. The new church and the belfry were blessed by Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D’ Souza, the new Bishop of the Diocese, on May 01, 1997 and was inaugurated by the Provincial Superior, Very Rev. Fr. Christudhas SAC. Today the parish has 170 families with a total Catholic population of 850 people. The Pallottine confreres who have worked in this Parish are Frs. Jacob Alvares, SAC, Charles Fernandes, SAC, Fr. Claudy Vas, SAC, and Fr. Walter Menezes, SAC. Fr. Manohar Josly Noronha is the present Parish Priest.

It was the search for a place for the establishment of the VOC for the Konkan region that eventually resulted in the starting of the Parish of Kumta. Finally the Provincial Council, in its meeting of March 5 - 8, 1991, opted for the Diocese of Karwar because it was more centrally located and also had a considerable catholic population. Though the plan for the establishment of the VOC in Karwar never materialised, the Pallottines decided to take over the administration of a parish in the Diocese. St. Vincent Pallotti Parish at Kumta was created by bifurcating the main parish at Kumta. Fr. Frederick D’Souza, SAC, was appointed to construct a parochial house. Shortly after its completion in September 1996, the new parish was formally erected on December 7, and he was appointed the first Parish Priest. The foundation stone for the new Parish Church was blessed by Most Rev. William D’Mello, the Bishop of Karwar, on January 22, 1999, on the feast of the Founder. Fr. Benedict Monterio, SAC, the second Parish Priest, continued the construction of the Church, but it was delayed due to a number of reasons. The construction of the Church was completed by Fr. Gilbert Mascarenhas, SAC, and it was blessed and inaugurated on April 21, 2005, on the birthday of our Founder. Fr. Victor Martis, SAC, took charge as the next Parish Priest in June 2005. In January 22, 2007 the belfry was completed and blessed. The Parish has 83 families and a total Catholic population of 296. Fr. Victor Martis, SAC, was succeeded Fr. Prakash William Monis, SAC, and then by Fr. Clement Martis, SAC. Fr. Melwin D'souza is the present Parish Priest.

Krishna Raj Nagar is a small township about 40 Kilometres from Mysore. The parish has about forty Catholic families and were ministered to from the neighbouring parish of Dornahalli. The Bethany Sisters have a convent and a school in the parish. The Pallottines took over the administration of the parish in 2000. Fr. Antonyswamy was the first Parish Priest. He has been succeeded by Fr. Prashant Kumar, SAC. The present Parish Priest is Fr. Anthonyswamy.

In the year 2011, The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Ukkinadka, has been entrusted to the pastoral care of Pallottines by Most Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore. Fr. Stanyslaus D’Souza, SAC, was appointed as its first Pallottine Parish Priest. Who worked hard and built the Parochial House. And his tenure continues.