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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

Parish Ministry


Kalaikkulam is a parish in the diocese of Sivagangai. It was taken over by the Pallottines on 08 June, 2009. Thisparish territory includes 21 villages. Rev. Fr. Solomon Raj SAC is the first parish priest of St. Michael’s Church, Kalaikkulam. Fr. Sathyanesan P. SAC, succeeded him. Fr. Moses Savarimuthu, SAC, is the present Parish Priest.

Kuttathuppatti is a Parish in the Diocese of Dindigul. This parish was taken over by the Pallottines on 21st June 2009. This parish has three substations namely Annai Nagar, Kotham Patti and Kannivadi within the radius of seven kilometres. Rev. Fr. Sylvester D’Cruz, SAC is the first Parish Priest. Fr Arulananthan Devakumar, SAC, is the present Parish Priest.

Kulasekharam is a fast growing business centre 20 Kilometres away from Nagercoil amidst the scenic beauty of rubber plantations. In view of taking over St. Augustine’s Church Kulasekharam two of our confreres Frs. Thomas Edathottiyil, SAC, and Leo Felix, SAC, served as Assistant Parish Priests under the Diocesan Priests for a period of four years. The Parish was officially handed over to the Pallottines in 1982 and Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan, SAC, was the first Parish Priest. He also served as the Parish Priest two times during the subsequent years. The advent of the Pallottines heralded many visible developments in the parish. A Marriage Hall and a number of shops were constructed. The Parish life is enlivened by the revival of a number of pious associations. Every substation has its own Parish Council.The Parish has distinguished itself in the Diocese of Kottar by having another assisting body Panku Peravai Orunkmnayam, (an Assembly of the Parish Councils) the only one of its kind in the Diocese. The Parish have five substations, 1250 families and a Catholic population of 5,000 people. The Other Pallottine Priests served in the parish during the subsequent years are Frs. Peter Devaraj, SAC, Sylvester John, SAC, Anthony Britto, SAC, Thomas Kurusappan, SAC, Lourdu Raj, SAC, and Thomas Edathottiyil, SAC Fr. Irudaya Paul Raj, SAC, and Fr. John Christopher, SAC, Fr. Moses Savarimuthu, SAC. The present Parish Priest is Fr. Siluvai Edwin, SAC.

The ‘Our Lady of Grace’ parish at Meenachiapuram in the Archdiocese of Madurai was offered to the Pallottines in June 1992. Fr. Joseph Thirukudumbam was appointed the first Parish Priest. Fr. Joseph deserves credit for the commendable work that he did in bringing order and life to the parish formerly marred by communal unrest, often instigated by politically interested groups. He also built a shrine, a bell tower and constructed a new building to accommodate the existing school that was in a dilapidated condition. The new school building was blessed by Archbishop Arokiaswamy of Madurai on July 15, 1994. A church was built also in one of the substations. Pallottines who served as the Parish priests are Fr.Joseph Thirukudumbam, SAC, Fr. Antony Britto, SAC., Fr. Manuel Raj, SAC, Fr. Roc Gerald Majella, SAC, Fr. Amal Raj, SAC, and Fr. Anto Vijayan, SAC. Fr. Lourduraj Gnanaprakasam, SAC, is the present Parish Priest.

Mela Thirupanthurity is in Kumbakonam Diocese. In 2011, Most Rev. Antonisamy Francis, Bishop of Kumbakonam entrusted this parish for Pallottines to attend the pastoral needs of Catholics in the parish. Fr. V. Irudaya Paul Raj, SAC, was appointed as the first Pallottine Parish Priest. He built the parochial house. Fr. David Lawrence is the present Priest-incharge of this Parish.

This mission was started 1949 by Fr. Anthony Muthu and Sr. Emin, I.C.M. In 1960 Fr. Lazar purchased a piece of land and a chapel was constructed oin 1962. In 1963 a piece of land was purchased for the cemetery. In 1983 Pallottines took charge of this station, as it was part of Kulasekharam Parish. The parochial house was constructed in 1987. In 1995 Pechiparai Church was extended and renovated. In October 1998, Pechiparai, which was a substation of Kulasekharam, was erected as an independent parish. It has two substations: Kodayar and Valiyala and two mission stations: Kuttiyar, a settlement of Sreelankan refugees and Alamparai, settlement of the Kanias (tribal people). The people are mostly coolie-workers, working in rubber plantations, cashew-nut factories, etc. The parish has about 350 families and has a catholic population of 2000 people. Fr. Maria Sathyanesan, SAC, was first Parish Priest of Pechiparai Parish. The other Pallottine priests who worked here as Parish Priests are Frs. John Paul Raj, SAC, Christopher John, SAC, and Fr. Moses Savarimuthu, SAC, Fr. Packia Raj Chinnappan, SAC. Fr. Gnanasikamani P. , SAC, is the present Parish Priest.

It was the community at Pallottiyagam, Salem that made the initial moves to establish a Pallottine house in Pallavaram, Madras. Prior to taking up any parish work in the diocese, the Pallottines purchased a house in Rajaji nagar, in 1993. There was a small chapel nearby, belonging to the parish of Pallavaram but over the years it wasneglected. Hence a thatched hall was added to the house, and was used as chapel, where services were held on Sundays. It also housed, during the week, the school that was started by Fr. Sylvester D’Cruz SAC. The Archbishop Rt. Rev. Aruldas James formally erected the St. Joseph’s parish, Rajaji nagar, on October 9, 1994. The new parish was formed bifurcating the St. Xavier’s parish, Pallavaram. It was officially handed over to the Pallottines on Mission Sunday, October 23, 1994. Fr. Sylvester D’Cruz SAC. was appointed the Parish Priest. Soon a larger plot of land was purchased. As the parish has no Church yet, the services are being held in a temporary building constructed there. It is also being used to run the school, which was transferred there since June 16, 1999. Pallottines who served as Parish Priests are Fr. Sylvester D’Cruz SAC., Fr. Roc Gerald Majella SAC, Fr. Xavier Rayappan SAC, who built a church at Rajaji nagar and Fr. Albert Leenus, SAC. The present Parish Priest is Fr. Aruldhas Lucas SAC.

The Pallottine presence in the diocese of Salem began when a house was purchased, not far from the Railway Station, on December 12, 1990. The house was named ‘Pallottiyagam’ and was originally intended as a future administrative centre for the Tamil Nadu region and as a centre for apostolate. Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan SAC was appointed Director. Subsequently,in 1993 the Pallottines were entrusted with the care of St. Jude’s parish in the vicinity of the Salem Steel Plant. As there was no parochial house yet, the first Parish Priest, Fr. Sylvester John SAC, resided temporarily at ‘Pallottiyagam’.

Msgr. Anthony Paul, the Vicar General of Salem, blessed the new parochial house at St. Jude’s Church on October 28, 1995. In a nearby plot the construction of the St. Vincent’s Matriculation School started on September 13, 1995. The new school opened on June 10, 1996. The Sisters of the Congregation of Bon Secours assist in the parish.. As the land around the new school was insufficient for further developments, another plot was purchased a few Kilometres away for the construction of a high school in the future. On January 22, 1997, Msgr. Anthony Paul blessed the annex of Pallottiyagam. Pallottines who served as Parish Priest are Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan SAC., Fr. Joseph Thirukudumbam SAC., Fr. John Christopher SAC. Fr. John Paul Raj SAC.and Fr. Manuel Raj SAC. Present Parish Priest is Fr. Susayan Sathyanesan, SAC.

When the construction of Pallotti Illam began, Thirunagar was still part of the Rosary Parish, West Gate, in Madurai city. It was erected as an independent parish on the first Sunday of Advent, December 03, 1978 and was placed under the patronage of St. Vincent Pallotti, the Founder of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate. Fr. Manfred Hauck,SAC, the Rector of Pallotti Illam, was appointed as Parish Priest along with Fr. Christudhas, SAC, as his Assistant. The parish is amidst a predominantly Hindu setting. Like the rest of the population in Thirunagar area, the Catholics too come from different parts of Tamil Nadu. A good number of repatriate Tamilians from Burma (Myanmar) and Sri Lanka also form part of the parish community. Literacy in the parish is high and from an economic point of view, the people from Thirunagar are well to do, but the population of the surrounding areas, such as Thanakankulam, Burma Colony (Thiruvalluvar Nagar) and Thiruparakundram, also belonging to the parish, are poor. The people are very religious and the church attendance is high. The new church was blessed on April 19, 1982, the Presbytery and the Parish Hall in 1984 and 1985 respectively. Today the Parish has 260 families anda Catholic population of 1100 people. The parish celebrated the silver jubilee of its erection as the Parish on January 18, 2004. There are four shrines in the Parish: the first is dedicated to St. Jude at Thirunagar, the second is dedicated to Child Jesus at Thiruparakundram, the third is Dedicated to our Lady of Lourdes at Thiruvalluvar Nagar, and the fourth is dedicated to St. Anthony at Thanakankulam. The Pallottine confreres served as Parish Priests are Frs. Susayan Satyanesan SAC, Thomas Edathottiyil SAC, Peter Devaraj SAC, Emmanuel Savariaradimai, SAC, Christudhas SAC, Lourdu Raj, SAC, Anthony Britto, SAC, Leo Felix SAC, Albert Leenus SAC, Sahaya Stanly SAC, and Fr. John Paul Raj. The present Parish Priest is Fr. James Justin Dhiraviam, SAC.