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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

Parish Ministry


Aler is a newly erected Parish in the Diocese of Nalgonda. It was handed over to the Pallottines on 2nd of June 2009. This Parish consists of 75 families and a sub-station. Fr. Kishore Raju Bezzam is appointed as the first Parish priest. Fr. Valerian Sabbavarapu is the successor of Fr. Kishore Raju Bezzam. The present Parish Priest is Fr. Thomas Reddy Basani.

St. Anthony’s Church, Mudfort, Secunderabad, is in the Archdiocese of Hyderabad. Parishioners belong to various linguistic and cultural groups. Liturgical services are held in English, Telugu and Tamil. Though the Parish was erected already in 1974, the Pallottines assumed charge only from March 1, 1980. On this day Fr. Thomas Vijay, SAC, took charge as the Parish Priest with Fr. Vensus George, SAC, as the Assistant Parish Priest. It goes to the credit of the Pallottines that St. Anthony’s had the distinction of being the first parish in the Archdiocese with an elected Parish Council. Under the care of the Pallottines, the parish developed over the years in accordance with the Pallottine Charism and is known for the active participation of the laity. The Parish has a substation, Kahrakana, 650 families and a Catholic population of 6000 people. On December 5, 1999 the Parish celebrated the Silver Jubilee of its erection, reflecting on the theme: “Journeying Together in Reconciliation, Renewal and Celebration.” The Parish continues to occupy a place of pride among the Pallottine parishes in India. Some of the Pallottine confreres who served here as Parish Priests are Frs. Tom Koyickal, SAC, Thomas Thennattu, SAC, Joe Koyickal, SAC, Alex Crasta, SAC, James Joseph, SAC, James Justine Dhiraviam, SAC, Fr. Anthony Correia, SAC, Fr. Johnson Thaiprampil, SAC, The present Parish Priest is Fr. Susaikannu Esack SAC.

In the year 2011, Most Rev. Thumma Bala, Bishop of Warangal Diocese entrusted, the newly erected St. Vincent Pallotti Parish with Parish Head-quarters at Palavelpula Village ( near Millenium High School – Hanamkonda) with Mucherla & Pegadapally & one Catechumen Village as substations for Pallottines to take care the pastoral needs and evangelization work, etc. Fr. Babji Merugu, SAC, was appointed as the first Pallottine Parish Priest. He stayed in a rented house and built the Parochial House adjacent to the Parish Church. It was inaugurated in April, 2014. Fr. Bala Showry Rudrapogu, SAC, is the present parish priest.

Sometime in the mid 1800s the Queen’s own Sappers and Miners regiment was stationed in Secunderabad near Balamurai in a place called Bolakpur, and as the barracks of the Sappers were built in lines, this area came to be known as Sappers Lines. To serve the spiritual needs of the faithful, the Sappers and Miners got together and built a Chapel in honour of their favourite Saint, St. Anthony, in the year 1891. And the wooden statue of St. Anthony was then brought from Dhornahalli, in Mysore. The Chapel was typical of that age being made of mud, bricks and country tiles. It started crumbling in 1950s. In 1961 the country tiles were replaced by Mangalore tiles. From the year 1980 the pastoral care of the people around this Chapel was entrusted with the Pallottine Fathers. During the monsoon of 1988 the situation was bad. The Chapel was in such a state that it could collapse at any time. And with the support of many people in and around Secunderabad, the old Chapel was renovated and was blessed on 3rd Sept. 1988. In order that a better pastoral care may be extended to people around this area, the Mother Parish (Mudfort) was bifurcated and a new Quasi-Parish was formed with St. Anthony’s Chapel, which until then was only a Chapel, now becoming the new Parish Church. The new Quasi-Parish of St. Anthony’s was inaugurated and blessed by His Grace Most Rev. Marampudi Joji, the Archbishop of Hyderabad, on 2nd July 2006. Fr. Anthony John Jesus, SAC, was appointed as the first Parish Priest and succeeded by Fr. Bhaskar Rao Gangolu, SAC. On December 08, 2006 a grotto of Our Lady of Velankanni was blessed and inaugurated. The new Quasi-Parish has 57 families and total population of 250 people. The other Pallottine Priests who served as Parish Priests are Fr. Thomas Reddy Basani, SAC, Fr. Bala Showry Rudrapogu, SAC. Fr. Jwarnes Reddy Duggimpudi, SAC is the present Parish Priest.