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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

VOC (Vocation Orientation Centre)


Pallottine contact with the Church in Tamil Nadu initially was not motivated, unlike in most other areas, by pastoral concerns, but it was practically limited to vocation promotion. The regular visits by the Fathers from Pallottigiri, the Minor Seminary for Indian Pallottines situated in Trivandrum, helped to build up cordial relationships with the priests of the Diocese of Kottar. By the mid-seventies the number of students seeking admission to the minor seminary had greatly increased. A decision was taken, therefore, to start a Formation House in Tamil Nadu for the year of orientation, before they would proceed to Pallottigiri for philosophy and pre-university studies. In June 1977, the community of Trivandrum was asked to take up responsibility for the new foundation in Madurai. Fr. George William, SAC, while doing also vocation promotion in Tamil Nadu looked for a land for the formation house. Eventually a piece of land, about 3.5 acres, was purchased at Thanakankulam. On February 11, 1978 the Delegate Superior Fr. Toni M. Kolb signed the contract with the Archdiocese of Madurai for the opening of a Formation House and for taking up a Parish at Thirunagar. The construction of the new Formation House, Pallotti Illam, was completed in 1979 and the orientation course students were accommodated there. Fr. Manfred Hauck, SAC, was the first Rector of Pallotti Illam. He also was appointed to this office for the second time later. The other confreres who served as Rectors of Pallotti Illam are frs. Paul Kochupoovathummootil, SAC, Charles Tirkey, SAC, Vincent V.P., SAC, Emmanuel Savariaradimai, SAC, Xavier Rayappan, SAC, John Peter Lazar, SAC and Fr. Anthony John Jesus, SAC. After the Second Provincial Assembly it was decided that Pallotti Illam will serve as the house for the students of graduation in our Province from the Academic Year 2007-2008. But later on this decision was revoked and Pallotti Illam continues to serve as a VOC. Fr. James Joseph is the present Rector of Pallotti Illam, is the present Rector of Pallotti Illam.