Six Stages Of Pallottine Formation


Vocation Orientation (Come and See)

Pope John Paul II in _Pastores dabo vobis_says, “Each Christian vocation comes from God and is God’s gift”. As much as it is God’s gift, we need to nurture it every single day. And this nurturing takes place in our Vocation Orientation Centers. Here the students join the seminary and learn the Catechism of the Catholic Church, they are instructed on the life of our founder, St. Vincent Pallotti and they are also given opportunity to do 11th and 12th, PUC. The liturgy and the doctrines of the Church are also introduced. So these formation years the students are oriented towards the kind of life they would chose freely.


“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer,” says Mother Teresa. Novitiate is a spiritual year that roots the students in their convictions. It is a year where our students discern and make a decision to live a consecrated life as a Pallottine.


A time to equip oneself with the knowledge of the world. Our students have the freedom to choose as per their liking a subject of their choice and study it so as to better themselves every single day. As Aristotle says, “Education is the best provision for life’s journey”.


Philosophical studies is the love of wisdom. It is an attempt to find out the intricacies of the world. We start with the history of Philosophy and move to theoretical, practical, and logical pillars of philosophy. This sure is a year that triggers our minds to think and exist.


During these last four years of rigorous formation, we systematically study the traditions and observations and concepts of our faith. This study helps us to remain firm when we are involved in our pastoral ministry. It strengthens us in our divine and religious truths.

Ongoing Formation (Pallottine Priest)

The ongoing formation takes place to keep up-to-date with the times. At times being involved in our social and pastoral ministries we tend to shy away from learning the different trends in the society. So, the ongoing formation gives the Pallottine Priests an occasion to be abreast with the changing world.