General Administration’s Visit.

The Canonical Visitation of the General Administration to the members of the ABVM Province, India, began on the 7th of January 2024. The Rector General Very Rev. Fr. Zenon Hanas, and his team Rev. Fr. Murphy Jeremiah (Vice General), Rev. Fr. Daniel Rocchetti (Consultor) and Rev. Fr. Vanderlei Luiz Cargnin(General Bursar) visit is to see the life, faith and ministry of the members here in India from the prism of a Pallottine way of life. There are four local communities in the ABVM Province, The principal purpose of every canonical visitation is to enrich the Christian faith to re-enkindle the call to evangelize and promote missionary discipleship while highlighting the care of the members and encouraging them to reach the peripheries. The members of the ABVM province are delighted to receive the Rector General and his team. May this canonical visitation remind every member of the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth and be kindled with the same zeal and hope.